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Would you like to submit one of your favorite recipes to Free Recipes Home? Great! We Welcome all submissions. Our contact address is below. Along with your recipe, please include the following:

  • If copied from a cookbook or other recipes source, please tell us the name of that source
  • Please tell us your name if you'd like to be credited on the site for submitting the recipe

Thanks. Here is where to send your recipe submissions:


Submit a Recipe Story
Here at, we also have a blog called Recipe Story. The idea is simple: behind every favorite family recipe, there's a story! Our blog is your chance to tell that story. You can even send in a photo to use with your recipe and story.

Submit to the address listed above. Include the recipe and the story behind it. Please note that any recipe submitted for the Recipe Story blog may also be used on the main site; if so, only the recipe - not the story - will be used on the main site, but you will be still be credited for submitting the recipe.

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